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Welcome to OVAL DRUG

Oval Drug has the heart to help and the products to heal. In the services we offer, we help both patients and prescribing physicians. With the diverse products at hand, we believe that we can contribute to better health for the community in which we live. More than that, we also help consumers save on the medications and equipment they need. Oval Drug is a place for affordable shopping for your very best health.

Each time you visit Oval Drug, expect personalized service. When possible, we get to know our customers by name and if they have time, we conduct a private consultation on how they can better comply with their medication therapy plan.

Oval Drug also works alongside doctors in fulfilling prescription schedules. Refills are available upon request or automatic refills can be arranged for continuity of care. Whatever your health situation may be, Oval Drug can definitely offer something to help you. Call 718-823-0688!

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